Types of exhibition stands and the purpose of each

Welcome to the world of stands for trade shows or corporate events, where the right choice can catapult your brand’s visibility. We will explore stands from three key angles: material, character and location. From the elegance of wood to the innovation of customised designs and strategic placement in shopping centres or trade shows. This blog article will guide you through the options available, helping you select the ideal stand that will resonate with your audience and enhance your presence at any event.

Types of exhibition stands and the purpose of each

Types of exhibition stands according to their material

Wooden stands

Wooden stands stand out at any trade fair or exhibition thanks to their ability to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, something that is rarely achieved with other materials. Wood is a versatile material that lends itself to a wide range of designs, from the most rustic and traditional to the most modern and minimalist.

One of the main advantages of wooden stands is their aesthetics. Wood has a natural beauty that can make a stand stand out from the crowd, attracting more visitors. In addition, this material offers the possibility of customisation in terms of colours, finishes and specific constructions, allowing brands to reflect their identity more effectively.

Cost is another factor to consider. Depending on the type of wood and design, the price can be significantly higher compared to materials such as plastic or some metals.

Metal stands

Metal stands offer a number of advantages that make them a popular choice for trade shows and exhibitions, especially in situations that demand robust and durable structures. These stands are ideal for large-scale exhibitions or when heavy objects such as large displays, specialised lighting or products of considerable weight need to be hung.

The assembly and disassembly process of metal stands is another plus point. Thanks to well-designed assembly systems, these stands can be set up and taken down relatively quickly, facilitating logistics at events with limited set-up and dismantling times. This efficiency not only saves time, but can also contribute to a reduction in labour costs.

However, it is true that metal stands may not offer the same aesthetic warmth as wooden stands. Wood tends to create a cosier, more traditional feel, while metal can be perceived as colder and more utilitarian. However, with creative design and the incorporation of other materials or decorative elements, it is possible to overcome this limitation and create visually appealing and welcoming metal stands.

Plastic stands

Plastic stands represent a versatile and affordable solution for many situations, especially for short-term events or when budget constraints are taken into account. This material, due to its lightness and flexibility, facilitates both transport and assembly, two critical aspects in the logistics of any event or exhibition.

One of the most significant advantages of plastic is its light weight. This feature reduces the costs and complications associated with transporting and assembling the stand, even allowing the company’s own staff to carry out these tasks without the need to hire specialised equipment. In addition, the ease of assembly is a valuable time-saving factor, especially at trade fairs and exhibitions where the time allotted for installation may be limited.

Mixed stands

Mixed stands represent a creative and versatile solution in the design and construction of spaces for trade fairs and exhibitions. The combination of different materials – such as wood, metal and plastic – allows a wide spectrum of possibilities to be explored in terms of design, functionality and aesthetics. This hybrid approach not only takes advantage of the individual strengths of each material, but also opens the door to innovation and customisation.

The incorporation of wood in mixed stands brings warmth and a sense of naturalness to the design, creating cosy spaces that, accompanied by good decoration, invite visitors to come and explore. On the other hand, metal offers structure and durability, ensuring that the stand can withstand the weight of the products on display, as well as the constant flow of visitors. Finally, the use of plastic can contribute to the lightness and flexibility of the stand, making it easy to assemble, dismantle and transport.

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Stands according to their character

In the world of trade fairs and exhibitions, the character of a stand plays a crucial role in the way a company presents itself to its target audience. Depending on the company’s objectives and marketing strategy, different types of stands can be chosen, each with its own specific characteristics, advantages and limitations. Below, we explore the different types of stands according to their character.

Design stand

Design stands, also known as customised spaces or customised stands, are characterised by their ability to be completely tailored to a company’s specific needs and objectives. Although their price may be higher compared to other options, they offer a significant advantage in terms of customisation and differentiation. These stands can be manufactured from a wide range of materials, including wood and fabric, allowing you to create a unique space that captures the attention of the public and clearly stands out from the competition.

Advertising stand

Advertising stands are specifically designed to promote a brand, business or company. They are generally installed in high-traffic locations to maximise visibility and attract potential customers through offers and promotions. Their main objective is to publicise the product or service offered, in order to gain new customers and increase sales. This type of stand is a very effective direct marketing tool to attract attention and generate interest among the public.

Mobile stand

Mobile stands are the simplest and most economical option. They are easy to transport and assemble, making them ideal for local communication actions or short-term events. Although they are basic in design and can have limitations in terms of space and customisation, their practicality makes them a popular choice for small businesses or for presentations that require mobility and flexibility.

Modular stand

The modular stand is one of the most common types of stands at trade fairs and exhibitions. They are based on prefabricated structures, usually square, which can be adapted to the space available. These stands offer good value for money, being versatile and relatively inexpensive. However, one of their main disadvantages is that they can be somewhat generic, with colour palettes and dimensions that can make them easily confused with other stands at an event.

Each type of stand has its own advantages and suits different needs and budgets. Choosing the right type of stand will depend on the specific objectives of the company, the nature of the event and the target audience to be reached. The key is to find the right balance between functionality, design and cost to maximise the impact of the company’s presence at any trade show or exhibition.

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Type of stands by location

Stands, depending on their location, can vary significantly in design, purpose and marketing strategy. The choice of location for a stand is critical, as it directly influences the visibility and impact it will have on the target audience. Below are the types of stands depending on their location.

Supermarket Stand

Stands located in supermarkets are designed to promote specific products or to offer additional services within the shop. These stands are usually temporary and are set up for the purpose of running promotions or highlighting special offers. Their main advantage is the ability to interact directly with the consumer at the point of sale, offering tastings or demonstrations that can influence the purchasing decision immediately.

Trade show stands

Exhibition stands are specifically designed for events and exhibitions where a large number of exhibitors and a varied audience gather. The purpose of these stands is to raise brand awareness and showcase your products or services to a wide and diverse audience. Exhibition stands must be particularly attractive and functional, as they compete for the public’s attention with many other exhibitors. Personalisation and design play a key role in their ability to attract visitors and generate interest.

Shopping Centre Stand

Stands located in shopping malls are placed in high traffic areas to maximise visibility. The strategy behind these stands is to take advantage of the constant flow of people to draw attention to the specific brand or product. Their design should be eye-catching and strategically placed to capture the interest of passers-by, encouraging them to approach and interact with the brand.

Each type of stand, depending on its location, requires a unique approach in terms of design, marketing strategy and objectives. The key to a successful stand is to understand the dynamics and specific audience of each location, tailoring the message, presentation and promotional activities to achieve the greatest possible impact. With the right advice, it is possible to choose and design the most appropriate stand to meet any company’s marketing objectives.


Stands effectively connect brands with their audiences at events, varying in material, design, and location to meet specific objectives. From customised, reflecting a brand’s unique identity, to portable and modular, offering cost-effective and practical solutions. The right choice depends on factors such as durability, desired visual impact, and budget. By maximising visibility and engagement, stands are essential tools in the event marketing strategy and enable perfectly measurable actions for brands that take the important step of being present at an event, trade show or congress.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When choosing the material, consider durability, weight, ease of transport and assembly, as well as the visual impact you want to achieve. It is also important to consider the budget available and the sustainability of the materials.

A custom-designed stand allows you to reflect your brand identity and values in a unique way, differentiating you from the competition and creating a deeper connection with your audience. It is also tailored specifically to your needs and marketing objectives.

An effective trade show stand stands out for its attractive design, clarity of brand message, interactivity and the ability to attract and retain visitors. Customisation and the integration of innovative technologies can also increase its effectiveness.

To maximise visibility, choose a strategic location with high foot traffic, use eye-catching visuals, offer demonstrations or free samples, and make sure the stand clearly reflects the brand and the products or services offered.

Differentiate your stand with a unique and customised design, use interactive technology, offer immersive experiences, and make sure you have a team that is well prepared to interact with the public. Exclusive promotions for trade show attendees can also attract more visitors.

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