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Specialists in exhibition stand design


At Factoria Creativa we are a team of professionals who are not afraid of challenges. We are dedicated to designing and manufacturing exhibition stands, a job that has also been our passion for more than 20 years. That’s why we strive to make your project and everything you imagine a reality. Our value proposition is creativity and impeccable design so that you can shine with your stand at your next fair.

With the creation and assembly of our creative exhibition stands we seek a total immersive experience on the part of the client, so that they remember you and that this translates into leads or sales.

We become your partner before, during and after the fair, so the whole process of design, construction, assembly and disassembly of exhibition stands is in our hands.

Proven experience designing corporate exhibition stands


When choosing a company to manufacture, assemble and design exhibition stands, as with most important corporate decisions, experience is fundamental. Finding specialist companies in our sector that also have years of experience, that offer an integrated 360º service, as well as integrating services such as signage, carpentry, electricity, furniture rental, transport, management, audiovisual rental, contracting with trade fairs, hostesses and catering… It is not an easy task.

From the Factoria Creativa team we get involved to reduce your stress hours and we promise you that we will provide innovative ideas with the design and assembly of your exhibition stand that will give you a differential value compared to the competition and always with the aim of obtaining the best results for your company.


Our team of professionals

We are passionate about what we do and it shows in our clients’ results. The team is made up of:

Anna Torres, CEO and art director

Vicente Salvador, Project Manager

Barbara Abudei, Graphic designer

Thay López, Stand and event development

Oriol Rius, Stand fitter

Quique Bertrán, Stand fitter

José Luís Ceballos, CTO

Emiliano Carreño, full stack developer

Carlos Ruíz, CMO

Andrea Salvador, SEO Junior

Adriana Morano, RRSS

Factoria Creativa has a team of designers, engineers, carpenters, electricians and fitters ready to respond to the needs of each project and adapting to each sector.

After more than 20 years working in the design and assembly of exhibition stands for trade fairs, we have become the trusted partner of many national and international projects.

We know how important it is for you to materialise that idea and make it a reality, which is why we get involved to the maximum in every detail and become your ally until the end.


We care about each project, because each client is unique.

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About our creative agency

To create a successful exhibition stand, it is essential to consider several aspects. It is crucial to understand the conceptualisation of the space to ensure that the projected message is aligned with the brand’s values, vision and mission.

In addition to the budget available and the dynamics of interaction in the booth (how attendees will be greeted, whether there will be a designated area for negotiations, and how products will be attractively displayed), it is important that the organisation and layout of the elements in the booth are both attractive and coherent.

The creative team challenged with designing a trade show stand must develop a story that best explains, with a limited set of resources, what each client feels and does.

At Factoria Creativa, our approach focuses on three key aspects when designing a exhibition stand: maintaining a clear understanding of our client’s objectives for their space, encouraging direct contact with visitors, and applying an innovative perspective. We are at your disposal to offer you our exhibition stand design service, with which we guarantee a unique and creative presentation of your exhibition space.

Factoria Creativa’s differential value is that we have been experts in exhibition stand design for more than 20 years. We are a creative team that has the necessary tools to always look for and find the ideal design for your brand and with which you can stand out at the fair, making your brand a reference within the space. As a leading company in the design, construction and assembly of stands, we focus on creating exhibition stands where your audience can get immersive experiences and take away a lasting memory of your brand.

Most of the clients for whom we offer our stand design services are for trade fairs in Barcelona or Madrid, although we also work for the rest of Spain and internationally. We set up exhibition stands anywhere in the world. Even in those places where the transfer of our workers is more expensive, we have partners and thus have the best service for the displacement and assembly of exhibition stands.

To ensure the quality and success of a exhibition stand, it is recommended to start the design, manufacturing and assembly process 3 to 4 months in advance. This timeframe is optimal to ensure that all aspects of the stand, from conceptualisation to realisation, are carried out with attention to detail and without rushing. This allows for a smooth development of the project, including revisions and adjustments necessary to meet the expectations and needs of the brand. Requesting the exhibition stand design within this timeframe facilitates better coordination and execution, ensuring a high quality end result that meets the objectives of your trade show participation.