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10.000 mts of workshop to build your brand's stand.

We manufacture, design and assemble all types of stands for trade fairs and congresses with a totally innovative design process. At Factoria Creativa we have more than 20 years of experience taking care of the entire manufacturing, design and assembly process for trade fairs and congresses. This is the only way to ensure that every detail is under control and that you and your brand get the best possible result.

Our main objective is that during the fair everything is as agreed, we are punctual in deliveries and above all we differentiate ourselves in the initial process of manufacture and design of stands, so that everything you want to convey to your potential customers, you can do it. We offer you an unparalleled service that can make you the centre of attention.

We have a production centre of more than 10,000 metres behind the Barcelona trade fair, where we will manufacture and assemble your stand for the professional trade fair of any event on the planet, without you lacking support for any last minute changes to your presence at the Barcelona trade fair. Afterwards, we will also take care of dismantling your stand and storing it for future congresses. Trust in the company that has been creating stand design for trade fairs for major brands for more than 20 years.

Gulfstream MWC Fira Barcelona
Fripozo Para la Feria Conxemar
MR & MRS Fragrance Feria International Home Show Exhibition
Audens Food Feria Alimentaria Barcelona
Alliance Healthcare
Lubrizol Life Science Nutraceuticals Feria Vitafoods
Chiesi Stand Feria Infarma
Indesit Feria International radio exhibition
Linksys Networking & WiFi Technology Feria Mobile World Congress



Our creativity to design as the main driving force

We want to offer you the best value proposition, while prioritising efficiency in the process of manufacturing, designing and assembling stands. We are a creative team with expertise in graphic design, signage, printing and carpentry.

Creative exhibition stand design

Our main hallmark is creativity. Our team of graphic designers will get to the heart of your brand with our proposals and we will not stop until we make your ideas a reality. The objective: To transmit the best version of your brand, making the most of the space and helping you to connect with your customers.

The choice of material for your trade show stand

The stand furniture must convey a balance of functionality and elegance, taking into account the quality and price ratio. We love to experiment and try new things, so we always try to incorporate elements that make your stand stand stand out. Technology, lighting and accessibility are aspects that we never lose sight of and will help you achieve the quality you need to present your brand.

360º integrated service for trade show stands

Our experience of more than 20 years in the stand design sector means that nothing escapes us and we can offer you a complete service for your trade show. A turnkey project where all the processes are integrated, so you don’t have to worry about anything!

A professional stand design and set-up

We become your main support from minute one, not only for stand design. We will be with you from the moment you bring us your idea until the disassembly, being present even during the event itself, whether it is a congress or professional fair.

International design exhibition stands

We are not afraid of challenges or borders. At Factoria Creativa, we offer our exhibition stand design services both nationally and internationally. Wherever you are, we are ready to listen to your project.

What is our methodology?

Having a team of experts in exhibition stand design is essential to be able to differentiate yourself and be in line with the latest advances in design and technology.

The key points that should not be missing in a good stand design are.


Initial project evaluation. Before starting, we will examine your needs to provide you with a completely customized exhibition stand design solution.


We present to you a 3D simulation of the design we have created to make the necessary adjustments and offer a custom exhibition stand design.


We believe that organization is key in this process, so carrying out effective planning in the delivery times in the design and manufacturing process of exhibition stands is essential.


Once the exhibition stand design is ready, with a multidisciplinary human assembly team and modern technical tools, we proceed to manufacture the necessary elements and components for your project, always within the agreed time.


We won’t complicate your presence at the fair. Our technical maintenance team will be monitoring your exhibition stand at all times, so in case of any incident, they will respond and solve the problem on the spot.


Once the fair is over, we will take care of the disassembly and storage of your exhibition stand for the next congresses or events in which your brand participates, both within Europe and on other continents, through professionals we trust.

Stands for trade fairs in Spain and Europe

We have our offices in the centre of Barcelona, so we are just a few minutes away from the Fira de Barcelona, facilitating the process and reducing assembly and travel times.

On the other hand, in order to carry out the installation of stands in Europe, Asia or LATAM, we work closely with reliable partners specialised in the manufacture of these spaces in their own workshops.

We have been present at the most popular trade fair venues in Spain and Europe, so we are well aware that in each country or city the trade fair regulations may change. So thanks to our experience, we know each one in detail and we apply them to each project.

stand design


We turn your brand into a benchmark at trade fairs

Creativity and vanguard to achieve success

The use of technology in the manufacture, design and assembly of stands is essential nowadays, which is why we focus a large part of our efforts on finding the most up-to-date and cutting-edge techniques that will benefit your brand. It is becoming more and more common to see large format LED screens, surround sound systems, augmented reality and other interactive elements at trade fairs, where it is very important to attract attention and create that WOW effect on visitors. This helps the spectator to interact, investigate and even have fun with our proposal.

Furthermore, at Factoria Creativa we are committed to sustainable development. We work with recyclable materials and low consumption lighting systems, always looking to reduce the environmental impact when designing and creating a trade fair stand. Our vision is to offer you an attractive and efficient stand, which at the same time is environmentally friendly.

With Factoria Creativa, you will be in the best hands to ensure the success of your next exhibition stand. Our passion for innovation, attention to detail and commitment to quality allows us to create unique spaces that not only stand out, but also encourage interaction and engagement with your audience. We are here to turn your vision into reality and take your brand to the next level.


We give care and love to each project; every client is unique.

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Frequently asked questions about trade fair stand design

– Proposal of impact: From the production, through the design to the assembly must identify the image and what your brand represents and it must be done in a way that upon seeing it causes an immediate impact on the visitor.

– Interior design in furniture: the selection of furniture is fundamental, they will always match the image of your brand and at the same time be comfortable for both your staff and your clients.

– Efficient materials: sustainability in the design of trade fair stands is an aspect that we like to work on and always keep in mind, so it is a factor to take into account for the reuse of material for future events.

– Presentation of your product or service: Use graphics that are legible and with clear and concise messages, also include images that are eye-catching to attract the attention of those who pass by your stand. At Factoria Creativa we are experts in making you stand out, so our main objective is that your stand does not go unnoticed.

The stand furniture must convey a balance of functionality and elegance, taking into account the quality and price ratio. We love to experiment and try new things, so we always try to incorporate elements that make your stand stand stand out. Technology, lighting and accessibility are aspects that we never lose sight of and will help you achieve the quality you need to present your brand.

Stand design is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects when it comes to success at trade fairs. Knowing what size you are going to need, what space you want to occupy and what the interior will be like are essential factors.

We know that it is not easy to quickly identify all these factors and, for this reason, we want to let you know that you are in good hands and that you have a team of professionals with a long experience in stand design.

At Factoria Creativa, we are experts in this process and we are at your disposal to help you decide everything related to your participation in the fair.

Yes, as part of our comprehensive service offering, we handle all trade fair permits and requirements. We work closely with the organisers to ensure that all logistical and regulatory aspects are correctly complied with during the fair. Remember that our work does not end with stand design alone.

Yes, we offer stand furniture and accessories services to reinforce the design and final assembly. We can provide everything from tables, chairs and counters, to lighting, screens and decorative elements, to blend the stand design into a complete and attractive environment.

The main factors that will determine the final price of the exhibition stand design process will be the complexity of the project and the materials used, among others. It is clear that a carpet floor will not be the same as a raised wooden floor, the price of which will be much higher, or the amount of visual or technological elements that are incorporated into the final design, as well as lighting, painting, assembly, etc. Therefore, we will prepare a detailed and personalised quote for you after identifying all your requirements and your objectives for the stand during the fair.

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